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☆ All items are brand new and never worn/used unless otherwise stated.
☆ All items will be shipped from Norway unless otherwise stated.
☆ All prices are in us dollars. The prices do not include shipping fees.
☆ I only accept paypal.
☆ The buyer pays the paypal fee (4.9%).
☆ I'll be happy to answer any questions (´・ω・`)ノ
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★ Please only comment if you're a serious buyer (not 'thinking about buying')
★ I will only hold items for one week (please note that in some cases I might not be able to hold your items)
anarchy in the uk

Gyaru - brand and offbrand

Post includes:
♥ Cecil McBee (makeup pouch)
♥ Cocolulu (underwear set)
♥ Vanquish (t-shirt)

♥ GLAD NEWS (t-shirt)
♥ GILFY (dress)
♥ Candy sugar (cardigan, skirt)
♡ Offbrand (belt, mini dress, tank top, suspender overall skirt)

Please refer to the information and rules for buying before commenting.

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the GazettE goods - Tokyo Dome condoms, grey sweat set, OMEGA t-shirts+++

Prices lowered! And you're always welcome to make an offer.

Post includes:
DIM SCENE 1st press limited edition
♥ Decomposition Beauty
♥ Pamphlets
Grey sweat set
 OMEGA t-shirt
♥ BIAB 2008 tank top
♥ TOKYO DOME gold rabbit umbrella
TOKYO DOME condoms
♥ VENOMOUS CELL bear keychain (black, white, pink)
VENOMOUS CELL makeup pouch
♥ NLSG mug cup set
♥ Magazines
♥ Idol shop photos/freebies

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anarchy in the uk

Misc jrock

Alice Nine:
・ Alpha
・ Dec. 25 fan present (card holder)

Dir en Grey:
・ Drumstick

Plastic Tree:
・ 10th anniversary t-shirt

・ SHOXX #180 (Ryutaro (Plastic Tree), Tatsuro (Mucc), Miku (An Café), the GazettE, Mucc, YOMI (Nightmare), An Café, Kagrra,, Alice Nine, Miyavi, LM.C, Vidoll, Kra, Mix Speaker's,Inc., Kain, Ayabie)
SHOXX #181 (the GazettE, Nightmare, An Café, Hiroto (Alice Nine), Sid, Miyavi, Isshi (Kagrra,), Mix Speaker's,Inc., LM.C, Kra, Ayabie)
・ SHOCK WAVE #7 (the GazettE, Vidoll, Miya (Mucc), Plastic Tree, Ayabie)

・ Barks+ plus in 2007 spring (Nightmare, Mucc, Merry, the GazettE, Alice Nine, An Café)

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$10 each or make an offer.

SHOXX #180, SHOXX #181, SHOCK WAVE #7, Barks+ plus in 2007 spring


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